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Video Handbooks

Game Theory Video Handbook (GTVH)

This video handbook (abbreviated GTVH) provides a rigorous introduction to noncooperative game theory, whereby strategic situations are modeled in a precise mathematical formulation that focuses on the choices of individuals (called “players”) who interact. The handbook presents the basic concepts,… details.

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Intermediate Microeconomics Video Handbook (IMVH)

The objectives of the Intermediate Microeconomics Video Handbook (IMVH) are to convey the basic concepts, intuition, and analytical steps for the neoclassical theory of consumers, producers, and markets, and also for important settings beyond the neoclassical model (monopoly and key applications of game… details.

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Econometrics Video Handbook (EVH)

The objectives of the Econometrics Video Handbook are to develop econometric methods for both prediction analysis and causal inference as well as to convey basic concepts in probability and statistics. A modern approach is taken to clearly distinguish prediction analysis from causal inference. While… details.

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